Feel My love – A eternal connection [ A Poem By Akshay kumar ]

We all meet,here on the Earth
For sometime, we depart so early
sometime too late..
In this Short stay….!

In this short stay we like someone
we madly love someone
we trust,Believe someone
Never think what they are !
Physical appearance is just matter
Inner self is the real thing !

In a give and take policy
we all connect to it !
some time we give Love
Some time we give Sorrow

When One gives love , They get
A friend Like her
Which is Eternally bonded
She will be Alarming Me, she is the perfect bliss

Of Thy her presence , Solemn and Peaceful
She Inspire me, But A a Warm
Ignore will be from her side
I don’t Know why its ?
That’s not a Problem she is never a rivalry

Just make my Song to be
a favorite one
When she say “Hmm … ‘
That’s a best Tune which i ever heard
amidst the dense flow of music ( Surrounding Beautiful music )
I welcome her to my dream

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

The way I See her
She Never understood me
She is the reason for Rain
she is the reason for Rainbow grain (7 Colors)

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Blood is red color !
her Red chin is the reason
Sky is Blue , her Nail Polish
World is finding interesting
to me but I’m not a pet to her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Love cares us
But we need her grace
oh god , Make her Just Smile
to me , When i see her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

she is the Morning and evening star
she is the Rings of Saturn
Never say that its so easy to make her blink
to my words, a Silence makes my heart beat more

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

I don’t want her full love
half , quarter yeah that’s enough
i will stay with her memories
but i want just to feel my love

Expecting nothing, In return
Welcoming a hit, as you walk on !!
(My every best things is her wish its more than love what i expect)
Glorify the great Success in me
Artist tunes the Guitar with Tuner , she is tunes me

Just to say FEEL My LOVE
Just to say FEEL My LOVE

– Akshay Kumar [ 17.05.14 ]

©All right Reserved.


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Music – A journey in unsung rhythm of infinite life Part – 2

Whenever I take guitar and practice first thing comes to my mind is Wow, how Truly this works, A beautiful rhythmic sounds generated by the strings…even I’m getting same queries on the human vocals, whenever we sing we modulate our voice…these things are something which i uncover in my post.

We all love “Katy perry voice, have you asked any time how this voice is generated ? how every one has got different voice ?(sometimes we have consequences of similar voice ) but the fact is our vocals are the organic instrument… Yeah you read it right. the natural god gift vocals works similarly as our musical instruments works. but the opeation of these instrument is from greatest organ “brain”.

The mechanism of speaking for generating the human voice is understood to be divided by the lungs, the vocal folds within the larynx, and the articulators. lungs are must produce adequate airflow something similar to instruments which works with air. air pressure to vibrate vocal folds in the humans/animals. The music instruments work in the same way… If one need to understand how these things equalize with our brain then the read on. The music and sound are more mysterious than we think…learning them might be easy but impact on human mind, a medical therapy of music and a healing part is most thrilling fact of music. The sound from various instruments are converted into an electrical signal when it enters the ear. This signal travels up the auditory nerve to the part of the brain that processes sound, the auditory cortex. From there, the signals travel throughout the brain, creating a variety of responses. The effects of sound in the brain include suggesting emotions, triggering the release of stress chemicals and impacting the development of new neural pathways in the brain. This is how sound is transmitted but how this heals us is a matter of thing.

Music influences the part of the brain that controls the link between sound, memories and emotion, the medial prefrontal cortex, says the National Institutes of Health. https://www.nih.gov/

Listening to music can soothe the emotions. A study published in the December 2009 journal Pediatrics creates that premature babies confirmed an increased rate of weight gain when they were uncovered with music by Mozart. The music soothed the babies, dropping their resting energy expenditure. Scientists says that the weight gain seen in premature babies who are exposed to Mozart results from this lower energy expenditure. Sometimes in these busy schedules we spend time to listen our favorite songs which helps us to refresh from a long tired. This are something which indirectly impacts on mind… yeah, many facts to be uncovered which I will post later.

To be continued.

©Akshay Kumar


Please do read my previous post on this; https://akshaykumarphysics.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/music-a-journey-in-unsung-rhythm-of-infinite-life-part-1/



Cosmic Shiva – A poem [With a Pencil Sketch]

You’re the part of Holy trinity

With Vishnu, Brahma in order

In Search of Your destinations, you’re the creator

You’re the Terminator, who also give salvation!


You’re the earliest person to perform Yoga, A adhiyogi

You’re the Destroyer of Fear so called Bhairav,

Your associated with the destruction

the re-creation of the Universe

Snake around your neck is sense of stillness & calmness!

we call you Nataraja ! (God of Cosmic dance)

Chandrashekara , Jatadhara , Mahadeva

You’re the  Bholenath, Kind-hearted Lord

You’re the Gangadhara, Lord of River Ganga

You’re the Hara, Remover of Sins

You’re the Jagadisha, Master of the Universe

You’re the Kamalakshana, Lotus-eyed Lord

You’re the Mahakala, Lord of All Times

You’re the Mahamrityunjaya, Great victor of death

You’re the Mahayogi, Greatest Yogi

You’re the Nilakantha, Blue-throated

You’re the Omkara, Creator of OM

you saved Universe from a 

dangerous poison Halahala during 

Process of  Samudra Manthana


Time introduced sati ,who will love you!

She accepts him as a divine love

But the Fate had something else

She ended her life in a tragedy!

Maa Paravathi – A deity of energy was born

For the Parvatha Raja (King of Mountains )

After several tests, you married the shakthi

Mount Kailash is known as the abode of Shiva and Parvathi

They become Divine force of the Universe

– Akshay Kumar [15/11/14]

Here i have Attached a Pencil Sketch of Shiva and Maa Parvathi



Einstein – Super star of Physics, An Article [with a Oil Painting]

I’m happy that the Telecast of TV series “Genius” is widely accepted as a popular show, this is the Biopic of great physicist ever lived. His passion to the curiosity made him to fall in the category of genius. i watch them. Here I have Written on these a Fundamental Question asked by Einstein. Also, a Portrait of him.

The secret of creation and its path of evolution

mystery of creation is so mysterious

Philosophy is not a logic … Physics we have done is much still !

the answer to laws of nature , which govern motion,current,energy,gravity

forces Etc are not equalized. the harmony of them are still been unsolved.

How the space-time curve establishes a Transcendental force?

human mathematical knowledge is no minimal!

Einstein did not finish that job

The cause of the Mahaspota (Big-bang) is not properly understood

How is the creation of energy needed for the Great Flood?

Oh! This brand is an anonymity

Who does not know where come from

However, the mystery of creation is mysterious….

– Akshay Kumar [ 13/03/2013]

In his Days, Einstein asked many fundamental questions which were building blocks of science. His legacy of ideas is immortal. New Discoveries are happening and people remembering Einstein…

To say few, Recent discovery of “Gravitational wave” is one such example, which was conceptually idealized by Einstein in his initial days. many things are going to be derived from the genius ideas.



Curse of forgetfulness – A Poem [with a Oil Painting]

I once read a book by Kalidasa, Abhijñānashākuntala.. the form of character which is developed by Kalidasa during 4th Century is remarkable. A poem i written so long i’m sharing here

I have Tried to make a Big play into a small Poem , and a Oil Painting of Shakuntala. Here find a Poem

Curse of forgetfulness – A Poem

The Forest Flower was hidden so far

Her pleasing beauty was a matter of thing

Chirping birds carried them all the way and rabbits too

She was deity of God, nature , please her beauty

All her belongings show virtue, because she wears them

Nevertheless, she loves it all from the heart

One fine day, went far jungle with her friends

To explore the blossom of attar in the forest

A prince was on the way

Look her, she is no less than Princes

He says “A Diamond crown in the mud of dirt”!!

How can forest hide the golden lotus…

He mesmerized by her beauty,

Met her and holds her breath,

She got pause of her breath, she blinks her respect to him

Both of them dissolved in a divine love

Transcendental soul of them combined together

Whole jungle responded “wow”

He takes his Princely ring and handed over to her pretty hand

This was witnessed with sun, rainbow, Soundly rain and a tune of birds

She ran with shyness, never before experience to her

Her chin with redness and a happy smile

Days went on….

A sad story begins in her life

She got curse of forgetfulness

She lost her princely ring

In a flowing water, aqua swallows the princely ring

Fisherman founds it with royal stamp

Thinks to return it to royal king

Shakuntala went to the royal kingdom

To meet King, the man of wisdom

The curse of forgetfulness prevents him to recognize her

He reacts as stranger, she says her past

Story of Shakuntala ends with audiences….

Suddenly Fisherman rushed, says “I got something of yours Majesty …!

Finds his princely ring, solves curse of forgetfulness

Dushyantha , gives her a royal hug

They live happy forever

– Akshay Kumar [ 16.03.15]


Young Indian Writer Series

“YOU ARE IMPORTANT” – A spellbind Story By Aishwarya Balakrishna; A Guest Post #2

This is Very interesting and mind twisting story by my best friend, she had written this; I have to be thankful. This writing is mesmerizing and holds every line in mind, A refresher and Twist at the end.

Young Indian Writer Series – A Guest Post ; #2 

I seem unique in this fraternity. Not because , I have few
certificates of achievements. But for the reason , I could not
enjoy this life as others in the world. The jokes around me
seem lame to me. The interesting gossips around me were
disgusting for me. On the whole , I had forgotten to live my

By then was his entry to my life. To say in an artistic’s
words….. “He the man , filled colors in my life”.
He made me sing loudly without caring the world. He made
me dance on floor. And that was not a usual practice session
for my performing arts competition . That was the joyful
instances of my bored life.

Yes, I concluded that my life is no more boresome. I was
happy to fill my life with him and my books.

I felt the warmth , when he sat beside me…
I felt secure , when he walked behind me…
I felt awesomeness, when he played with me…

Let me glance that late night, when his voice stroke my
ears. The way I ran to just see his handsomeness. But you
handsome , I have to say this… “You’ll just grab the heart of
everyone at very first sight. Not just mine…”

Well , that doesn’t mean he used his external glory for
his existence. His each and every act was heart touching.

After every college eve , I searched for him like Yashodha
searching cute Krishna. Then I think , he would’ve thought
not to worry me a lot. Later, I could see him waiting for my
arrival at my doorstep.

The way he was addressing me over there was mind blowing,
which made me to throw away my bag and grab him with
lots of love. Obviously we didn’t had snack time or a cup of
coffee together. Both of us were neither foodies.

As the days passed , I could notice his dislike towards
food. He do not wanted anything for his belly. Just filled it
with lots of water. It didn’t took much days for me to observe
abscess on his body. Well , the word abscess may make someone
feel disgust. But for me it was not such , but a threat. I
medicated him as if nothing obscene I could see.
I treated him as if no foul odour was sensing my sensible

Then , I could see the other face of our society. The one
who loved the charming before , the one who was awaiting
for his arrival to their mansions started to avoid him.

Yes, the abscess was getting worse , spreading its territory
exponentially within span of minutes. As usual common
anxiety toned , what if the abscess spread to the society. We all
know the power of Virus.

At the end , he was plucked from me physically and was
dropped in a yard long away. And my parents told me…
“You are important for us than your Cat …”

– Aishwarya Balakrishna , Bangalore [March, 31st 2017]

Pic Credit : Aishwarya , Just Added a Quote : If You’re Curious, you’ll probably be a good journalist because we follow our curiosity like cats. – Diane Sawyer

The Pet animals often more Trustworthy and they show true love, which sometimes not given by Humans. My Friend’s View on this point , I.e Equal important given to her Soulful Pet.  A Cat …A dedication to Pet lovers.