What is Light ? [Philosophical view]

Light is more mysterious thing in universe…its source might be difficult to tell, a form of energy. ..to all living beings, without light no life, no sight,no evolution may be in any part of the universe. light has got most significant role in our universe, without which evolution couldn’t be possible. 

In India, we celebrate festival of light called Deepawali / Diwali .One of the major festivals of Hinduism, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

The name of festive days as well as the rituals of Diwali vary significantly among Hindus, based on the region of India. In many parts of India, the festivities start with Dhanteras (in Northern and Western part of India), followed by Naraka Chaturdasi on second day, Deepavali on the third day, Diwali Padva dedicated to wife–husband relationship on the fourth day, and festivities end with Bhai Dooj dedicated to sister–brother bond on the fifth day. Dhanteras usually falls eighteen days after Dussehra.

Festival of light across India and many places.

Many of worldwide religion got importance in celebration of light.Also in Egyptian civilizations used sun has their God….Sources of light and life.The figure below has clearly shows how an Nun, the embodiment of the primordial waters, lifts the barque of the sun god Ra into the sky at the moment of creation.

Sun a source of light

If we consider a future of earth The biological and geological future of Earth can be extrapolated based upon the estimated effects of several long-term influences. These include the chemistry at Earth’s surface, the rate of cooling of the planet’s interior, the gravitational interactions with other objects in the Solar System, and a steady increase in the Sun’s luminosity.Ancient days the speed and its properties are observed on the basis of physical existence…and more clearly i can say by observing nature of light.that what we see from our eyes.

Going back to ancient days..
Newton is one of them who started to observe the light from eyes differently..what a joke all we see from our eyes only..then what different newton had seen? 

confused , let me explain around 1690 AD newton started his studies on light.he used the special instrument called prism.now a days prism is common.but in 16th century,newton used it as one of great science device,to reveal the secrets of light. he saw not only light,but the color full light emerging from prism.(VIBGYOR)this is what i said.in history mankind newton is the first person to observe,such phenomenon. for today its a simple thing. and started to give his conclusions.And written his book ‘Optics’.but let me give some properties which cannot be explained by just looking through naked eyes. Light can move through vacuum, Light transports energy , same as our sun provides energy to life on any planet  (if their are planets which have life other than earth ).

SCIENCE POINT : Light has angular momentum: it can rotate bodies, light being both particle and wave. It exhibits most quantum mechanical properties. Even our life sciences, polariser,  particle accelerator. .work only because of light’s this special property.Light has momentum: it can collide the particles.A special property friends my future blog will be on this,light moves with other light undisturbed..Light in outer-space moves faster than all objects in this universe.. The speed of light, its true signal speed, is the forerunner speed.299 792 458 m/s is the speed of light in vaccum. and 30c.m/n.s (30 centimeter per nano seconds.1/1000000000.The proper speed of light.another one a Shadows can move without any speed limit.

Light moves in a straight line when far from matter.High-intensity light is a wave.(credit:motion mountain_relativity),Light beams are approximations when the wavelength is neglected.In matter, both the forerunner speed and the energy speed of light are lower than in vacuum.In matter, the group velocity of light pulses can be zero, positive, negative or infinite.these are the properties of light which are gifts of quantum physics.or modern physics..the era of quantum physics was began in 1905(see my previous post for more information)this changed the world into quantum world.and some property of light is very strange and it was an miracle thing for ancients,hence may be miracle must be reveled as common things.

Light in Science


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Melodies Physics – Thanks giving..!

Hello Everyone ! I’m Akshay kumar, Pretty long-back i started with this blog…now people read my thoughts. some guys said “its interesting blog, thank you all readers.

About Me : I’m Engineer,Physics enthusiast, Music Geek, Writer (Freelancer), Oil Painting and Pencil sketch artist. I mostly spend my time in Writing physics stuffs and also reading them.

I sometimes teach students. I’m living in Bangalore with my parents. Metropolitan city of India. I like Music and it’s blend between Physics. I’m passionately curious about universe a cosmological horizon, which makes me to dig my head and twist my brain. I read books. When it comes to inspiration for Poetry and writing it’s Kalidasa ( Poet, writer) and when it comes to Science it’s Einstein, whom I call my guru ( A virtual guru) . Leonardo da Vinci is for all things which I do from painting to scientific ventures. and Swami sivananda and my guru mathaji are my guides to this life.

A Spirituality – this is one serious thing I learnt in my life and learning, which transformed me from a less curious to more awaken towards the goal of life. This was gift from my mathaji (Guru) A saint from Mumbai lived in Bangalore lord’s grace ashram, but she is no more, lives in our thoughts. I’m following their words, which is following honesty, ever learning thoughts.

In this blog, I share all my thinks, thoughts, knowledge, ideas. Now my Journey is at peak So this is me Akshay Kumar. Science Art and Music Geek, waiting for an Amazing adventure of life, that yet to be Come.

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Physics of Meditation – 2 [A Referenced Guide by Akshay kumar ]

Continued from previous Article, Please read previous one and understand the next.

Applied physics and Biophysics Concepts  If any of the young ones watched the “ Shakthimaan “ series , an popular Tv series. In the broadcast of the serial the Hero was depicted to be powerful man with supernatural powers by kundalini techniques, He performs the Chakras activation. Shaktimaan has superhuman powers which lie inside his body in his seven chakras of Kundalini attained through meditation. Shaktimaan worships God through the symbol Om. Truthfulness is his motto. He can even separate his body into five different bodies of fire, wind, water, earth and sky. No need to get confused will meditation practice makes one Shakthiman, or this is the reason to do meditation ,this is not correct,Meditation means awareness of everything around us. Whatever you do with deep awareness is meditation.

“Listening your breath is regarded as meditation” listening to the chirping of birds is meditation. As long as these activities and including the activities which occurs naturally are free from any other distraction to the mind-body, its the true meditation.

I mentioned this because many will get some idea what may be glimpse of Chakras and kundalini techniques.

I had so many doubts regarding the concerned knowledge   of chakras, I was selfrealized by reading lots of books by Swami sivananda guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati(1971). The science of pranayama. Divine Life Society ,Swami Sivananda Saraswati (1979). Practice of yoga. The Divine Life Society.

I’m regular reader of Divine life society magazine. If you want some more detailed view The actual scientific research can be understood by research conducted by  Konstantin Korotkov, Russian scientist who developed technology for a form of Kirlian photography known as Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Konstantin used technology and showed the aura representing the energy levels as chakras.

His experimental setup had

3.photosensitive film
4.Metal plate
5.high voltage power supply

Typical Kirlian photography setup (cross-section)
Typical Kirlian photography setup (cross-section)

Kirlian photography is a technique for creating contact print photographs using high voltage. The process entails placing sheet photographic film on top of a metal discharge plate. The object to be photographed is then placed directly on top of the film. High voltage is momentarily applied to the object, thus creating an exposure.

The corona discharge between the object and the plate due to high-voltage is captured by the film. The developed film results in a Kirlian photograph of the object. and digital imaging techniques also record light produced by photons emitted during corona. Photographer Mark D. Roberts, who has worked with Kirlian imagery for over 40 years, published a portfolio of plant images entitled “Vita occulta plantarum” or “The Secret Life of Plants”, first exhibited in 2012 at the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis.

The experiment above is an eye opener, as the science of chakras whatever may be,But fascinating matter is how do those ancient vedic gurus, eastern techniques were proposed with very less advancement in science. This made me to think about the chakras.

“According to Eastern metaphysical theories and principles of Ayurveda Indian medicine, there are seven “Chakras” or integrated energy centers that are considered to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  These energy “disks” are positioned or embedded into the spinal column at various locations starting at the coccyx and rising to the crown of the head.  Each Chakra is considered to resonate at a different frequency level. Relying on extensive research utilizing the application of small electrical potentials to detect the location of acupuncture points and the energy “meridians” which connect them together, and with their endpoints on the fingertips, it is possible to carry out “sector analysis” of these fingertip images.  Each individual sector or portion of the fingertip is connected energetically with specific organs and organ systems such as the respiratory system.  When the data of the 10 individual BIO-grams are collated and interpolated, an image of the entire full body energy field is created.”

I was Thankful to the above sentences By article by below Members, Clear and interesting facts and science of chakras have been discussed.

Can the Excellence of the Internal Be Measured? – A Preliminary Study Pradeep B. Deshpande*1, P. Krishna Madappa2 & Konstantin Korotkov3

An example of the full body energy field from a healthy and unhealthy/emotionally unbalanced individual are shown in Figure


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Knowledge credit :


2.Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing 1996.

3.Swami Sivananda Saraswati(1971). The science of pranayama. Divine Life Society.

4.Swami Sivananda Saraswati (1979). Practice of yoga. The Divine Life Society.

5.Can the Excellence of the Internal Be Measured? – A Preliminary Study

 Pradeep B. Deshpande*1, P. Krishna Madappa2 & Konstantin Korotkov3

Next posts will be updated.

Seven universal Chakras of life

 1.Sahasrara: crown chakra is generally considered to be the state of pure consciousness, within which there is neither object nor subject. When the Kundalini energy rises to this point, it unites with the male Shiva energy, and a state of liberating Samadhi is attained. Corresponding deity for material element of this state is Dhruva. The tone is 172.06 Hz.


2.Ajna Chakra : Third-eye chakra is symbolized by a lotus with two petals, and corresponds to the colors violet, indigo or deep blue, though it is traditionally described as white. It is at this point that the two side nadi Ida (yoga) and Pingala are said to terminate and merge with the central channel Sushumna, signifying the end of duality, the characteristic of being dual (e.g. light and dark, or male and female). The tone is 221.23 Hz = A.


3.Vishuddha: Vishuddha, or Vishuddhi, or throat chakra is depicted as a silver crescent within a white circle, with 16 light or pale blue, or turquoise petals. The seed mantra is Ham, and the residing deity is Panchavaktra shiva, with 5 heads and 4 arms, and the Shakti is Shakini.This chakra is signified by thyroid, a gland that is also in the throat and which produces thyroid hormone, responsible for growth and maturation. Corresponding deity for material element of this chakra is Dyaus.The tone is 141.27 Hz = C#.


4.Anahata : heart chakra is symbolized by a circular flower with twelve green petals called the heart mind. Anahata is related to the thymus, located in the chest. The thymus is an element of the immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. It is the site of maturation of the T cells responsible for fending off disease and may be adversely affected by stressThe tone is 136.10 Hz = C#.


5.Manipura: Manipura  or solar plexus/navel chakra is symbolised by a downward pointing triangle with ten petals, along with the colour yellow.Manipura is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. Manipura is believed to correspond to Islets of Langerhans. which are groups of cells in the pancreas, as well as the outer adrenal glands and the adrenal cortex. These play a valuable role in digestion, the conversion of food matter into energy for the body. The tone is 126.22 Hz = B.


6.Svadhishthana: Svadhishthana  or sacral chakra is symbolised by a white lotus within which is a crescent moon, with six vermilion, or orange petals. This chakra is located in the sacrum and is considered to correspond to the testes or the ovaries that produce the various sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle., Svadhishthana governs reproduction, mentally it governs creativity, emotionally it governs joy, and spiritually it governs enthusiasm. The tone is 210.42 Hz = G#.


7.Muladhara: Muladhara  or root chakra is symbolised by a lotus with four petals and the colour red. This centre is located at the base of the spine in the coccygeal region. It is said to relate to the gonads and the adrenal medulla, responsible for the fight-or-flight response when survival is under threat. Muladhara is related to instinct, security, survival and also to basic human potentiality. Mentally it governs stability, emotionally it governs sensuality, and spiritually it governs a sense of security. Muladhara also has a relation to the sense of smell. the deity is Ganesh, The associated animal is the elephant.The tone is 194.18 Hz = G.


Information boost :May be in some or other way we people have hear Atala, vitala patala in cinema or Dramas. Actually they are the words of seven chakras below Muladhara going down the leg, corresponding the base animal instincts, and to the Hindu underworld patala. Atala This is governing the lust and fear in the human behaviour.Vitala is the place of thighs in body. Which is a governing of anger and resentment.Sutala Located in the knees, it governs jealousy.Talatala Translated as “under the bottom level”, it is located in the calves and represents a state of prolonged confusion and instinctive wilfulness.Rasatala Located in the ankles, it is the centre of selfishness and pure animal nature.Mahatala Located in the feet, this is the dark realm ‘without conscience’, and inner blindness.Patala Located in the soles of the feet, this is the realm of malice, murder, torture and hatred, and in Hindu mythology it borders on the realm of Naraka, or hell.

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Stellar spectrum importance (SSI) [astrophysics] Part – 1

A branch of astronomy that deals with the origin, structure and space-time relationships of the universe the cosmology as a study manifests visible universe and the non-visible part also.

We humans always thrilled and fascinated by the play of star light which is spectacular to see through eyes to look and feel the cosmic acts which are present in this universe. So my article here presents the stellar spectral importance (SSI).

If history of spectral analysis is checked, we come across on experimenter William Wollaston who was Great physicist. Once passed a beam of sun light through a thin slit and then through a prism. The slit provided familiar rainbow spectrum with no color overlapping each other. When seen, Wollaston noticed, our star sun’s spectrum was having some black lines in it. This was fundamental idea.

The early spectral studies actually began with discovery of so many secrets of lines absorbed by elements in the spectrum of sun. It was absorbed by elements present in the star or sun, an intensive idea was got foundation further by German physicist Joseph Frauhofer in 1814. Bright and continuous spectrum is results of superposition of these lines have been named in honor of the discovery as Fraunhofer lines.

To explain in simple Words for above sentences when metals heated beyond certain temperature, emits white light. The Early stellar spectra showing the Distinctive absorption lines these astronomers used to determine stars composition and temperature. This above method is still in use. This set of spectra comes from the original Henry Draper Catalogue.

But elements can only absorb light that can excite their electrons from one valence bond to another. This is not same for all metals. The frequency and wavelength corresponds to the energy, as the way the missing wavelength will give away the Ionization level or state of energy and the elements is identified.

Thus the composition of the star is determined. But stellar spectroscopy is the study of specter of star light. it is very powerful tool that enables Astrophysicist to infer many Physicical and chemical properties of stars and to divide them in an order which is easier for further analysis.

I personally think that SSI stellar spectral importance is the best discovery in cosmology. This is key to the mysteries present in stars and galaxies.


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General Principle of Relativity to solve The problem of Gravitation part – 1

I mostly Given importance to Special theory of relativity when i was studying these concepts. but its obvious we like simple things, confused ,yes i proclaim that General theory of relativity is not general as it states.

Einstein writes : If the reader has followed all our previous considerations, he will have no further difficulty in understanding the methods leading to the solution of the problem of gravitation. its because one needs previous theory and concepts which are as follows

  • The Equality of Inertial and Gravitational Mass as an Argument for the General
  • Postulate of Relativity.
  • The Relativity of Simultaneity.
  • Theorem of the Addition of Velocities.
  • On the Relativity of the Conception of Distance.
  • The Lorentz Transformation.
  • The Gravitational Field.
  • The Behavior of Measuring−Rods and Clocks in Motion.
  • Experience and the Special Theory of Relativity.
  • Minkowski’s Four−dimensional Space.
  • The General Theory of Relativity.
  • Special and General Principle of Relativity.

Let me start to explain the  Galileian relativity  :  The Fundamental law states that the laws of motion are the same in all inertial frames. We need an reference of point to measure anything in universe, Its sometimes impossible to do without the reference. one of the First things of relativity study mere research without actually knowing the importance was described in “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”.

He used this as the example himself given as travelling at constant velocity, without rocking, on a smooth sea; any observer doing experiments below the deck would not be able to tell whether the ship was moving or stationary.

If Two inertial frames say “A” having position coordinates r = (x, y, z) as its position co-ordinates.  and Time (t) . similarly A’. We can synchronize the clock in the two frames so that we can assume t = t’ . Suppose A’ is in relative uniform motion to A with velocity v. Consider a point object whose position is given by r’ (t) = r(t) in A.


The velocity of the particle is given by the time derivative of the position. Another differentiation gives the acceleration in the two frames.

Italian scientist and scholar Galileo made pioneering observations that laid the foundation for modern physics and astronomy. Born on February 15, 1564, in Pisa, Italy, Galileo Galilei was a mathematics professor who made pioneering observations of nature with long-lasting implications for the study of physics. He also constructed a telescope and supported the Copernican theory, which supports a sun-centered solar system. Galileo was accused twice of heresy by the church for his beliefs, and wrote books on his ideas. He died in Arcetri, Italy, on January 8, 1642.

many more to write, will post in my next post.

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Plato – His Life and Quotes

Do you know these are some of thinkers who had a one single tool to crack mysterious things of universe and tactics of nature, It’s Curiosity and questioning Philosophy behind things which occur in our daily life. Now we are living in modern and civilized environment here everything is predetermined and invented so far. But Plato’s age was an just beginning of human evolution. An modern cult is much different than their lifestyle.

One of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived on Earth was Plato. Even Plato’s mother, Perictione, is believed to be a descendant of an aristocrat named Solon. According to historians, Solon was a Greek statesman from 6th century BCE.

Greek philosopher and thinker Plato founded the Academy and is the author of philosophical works. Very less is gained about his life. Our today’s history evaluations tell Plato’s birth was around 428 B.C.E., but more modern scholars, outlining later events in his life, believe he was born between 424 and 423 B.C.E.

His works have heavily influenced the western culture. All his writings engrossed on a wide range of subjects counting philosophy of language, epistemology, cosmology, theology, deliberations on aesthetics, beauty, justice, equality and yes, political philosophy. Whatever information we have today about this great philosopher comes from historians who somehow achieved to come up with a detailed building of his live from his works. The problem was that of the lack of primary and dependable sources to provide an account of Plato’s life. We do not claim any authenticity about whatever we write here about Plato.

Plato’s impact on philosophy and the nature of humans has had a lasting influence far beyond his motherland of Greece. His work covered a broad spectrum of interests and ideas: mathematics, science and nature, morals and political theory. Socrates (yet another great philosopher) was his teacher and he was in turn, teacher of another great philosopher named Aristotle.


I personally like this quotes of plato…

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” ― Plato

Only the dead have seen the end of war.
Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
The measure of a man is what he does with power.
Your silence gives consent.
We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.
One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.