The Steel Greenhouse in an Ambient-Temperature Environment

Climate of Sophistry

The “steel greenhouse” concept for demonstrating the radiative greenhouse effect has been debunked many times on this blog (the least reason of which its advocates attempt to conserve temperature instead of energy!), but the solution for it sitting in an ambient-temperature environment has never been demonstrated. We will do that now here and will present the maths for both of the scenarios where for a) the ambient-temperature is zero Kelvin, and b) the ambient-temperature is greater than zero.

Willis Eschenbach’s diagram of his steel greenhouse, as advocated by Anthony Watts and Roy Spencer and others.

Advocates of the steel greenhouse think that temperature is a conserved quantity, i.e., that temperatures add together. Their diagram above shows a “core” producing 235 W/m2out of its surface area, and they think that this is conserved by the shell emitting at the same temperature at 235 W/m2 over a larger surface…

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