Book review : I Too Had a Love Story Novel by Ravinder Singh

It was my 12th standard when I knew about this bestselling novel, I Too Had a Love Story Novel by Ravinder Singh. This was my one of only a handful couple of books which I purchased new, most of them are "used books", Initially I used to spend less money in purchasing books if book … Continue reading Book review : I Too Had a Love Story Novel by Ravinder Singh


The Physics of love – Akshay kumar das

 If you were Sine^2  "I " and I was Cos^2 "U" then we both will be Equal to one ! like sin^2 I + cos^2 U = 1 But to make "U" as a Cos^2 I need two side love !  Same as our cosine rule requires either three sides or two sides oops and the included angle. Just … Continue reading The Physics of love – Akshay kumar das

Astronomical phenomena of 2018

Astronomy/astronomical phenomena events in this year (2018), organized by Nature. who manages these things? no one knows,,. a mysterious universe and it's acts... thanks to creator... God? really i don't have answer. we need to just enjoy this spectacular events,witness this events. one lunar eclipse (a beautiful blood moon added a great satisfaction of witnessing … Continue reading Astronomical phenomena of 2018

The Science of Procrastination – 1 By Akshay Kumar das

Most of the time we find people postponing things for no bigger reason. Do you know why exactly we do? Is that our circumstances/time makes us take decisions later. OR Is that something which is also linked to our psychological kinds of stuff? , Yes it is something which is more scientific.  What is procrastination? the … Continue reading The Science of Procrastination – 1 By Akshay Kumar das

Bird Buddy – Photos by Akshay Kumar

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Physics and Life.

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One of my previous posts, “Life will never be perfect” was about Life in the the language of science and I had mentioned in there that I loved physics much. Therefore.. one more time I am going to sincerely try and relate concepts of my favorite academic subject Physics and my favorite subject for writing, which is Life.

Theory of Relativity 

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity talked said that laws of physics have the same form in all inertial frames and speed of light is independent of the speed of the motion of the observer or source. It also mentioned time dilation and space contraction. So if I relate our positivity to speed of light.. the analogy would say that life has basically the same rules for everyone and our positivity in life should be irrespective of the situation that we are in. With a positive attitude, life is…

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Book Review: Let There Be Light – The Story of Light From Atoms to Galaxies (2nd Edition) – Guest Post

This second edition of "Let there be Light: the Story of Light from Atoms to Galaxies" is, like the first edition, a delightful book. Light, or more generally electromagnetic radiation, is the vehicle that the authors use to traverse the broad subject of physics, and they do so in a humorous, gentle, yet serious manner. … Continue reading Book Review: Let There Be Light – The Story of Light From Atoms to Galaxies (2nd Edition) – Guest Post

February To Do List

Hey everyone!

I am back for my monthly to do lists series! Each month I write down a combination of tasks, activities and goals I want to complete by the end of that month. Writing and keeping running to do lists seems to help me stay on track and organized!

I reflect back on the previous month to see what I managed to complete and didn’t get around to. Unfortunately, I did not have a ‘January To Do List’, so we will just be chatting on my February goals!

Lets jump right into this!

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