How to live longer? Physics perspective of this biological heart.[the analogy with machine & heart]

In this massive place of living systems, Homo sapiens emerged into a pioneer in technological revolutions since from early ages. It’s the technological optimism. We are at this age where we are into bionics, artificial intelligence, much more. due to the much more complex understanding of this nature made us to clearly understand the neutrons to neurons in our brain, as we are also running towards other planets, happen to see extra-planetarily voyages in future. To know the universe better.

One of the keen thought emerged within me, it’s how long we enjoy these things? can we break that barrier of death and diseases in future? Can the man win himself in preventing him from ageing? Yes, why can’t we live forever? These are somethings which are challenging questions which are running through my mind. But in reality, I’m not saying the man can become immortal. But at least live longer with healthful life.

Let me go further, what is aging actually? is that only changes in physical appearance, changes in biological structure? Truly, Ageing is the process of growing old chronologically, it’s the normal process occurs to all living bodies. We can say a functional state of the living organism changes gradually when our age increases. Even the organs and organ systems show different rates of decline. The cell dies, the effectiveness of our metabolism rate decreases [ I will share some posts about the thermodynamics of human metabolism in my next post], weakening of nerves system, finally we become like neonate, I wonder Indian knew this as Kala Chakra. Human Cycle of birth and death. Growing old and person becoming the man of wrinkles in his bodies, a skin becomes as soft as babies’ skin, I visit old age houses they literally become small babies, just to add the point, please take care of elderly senior citizens, they are like small kids.

Well, In this article, I choose the Heart and its physics of working phenomena, not exactly a biological point of view. But rather some light on analogy with a machine.

I heard that heart grows larger slightly with age, But it’s similar kind of analogy with machines, where we call durability of machines. We care them we maintain them for longer usage. soon scientists finding a way to increase the average lifespan. man is finding solutions to heart diseases. But this beautiful heart is complex & interesting we sometimes relate heart to our emotions. love, livelihood. Truly who has got good heart will live longer.

Mechanical Pumps VS Heart pumps

Yes, you read it right, I think the heart is a biological pump in a human body. a bit similar to a mechanical pump. But it’s not a single pump it’s two pumps in one organ. The heart pumps the blood, like Pump transfer water or fluids. But it’s working is not same as our mechanical pump.

Heart contracts and relaxes, the heart actually squeezes itself. So, what makes the heart squeeze? It’s the “shock”. The heart is a muscle and like every muscle is going to contract when a shock is produced. they contract and forces the blood downwards.

If anyone wants to know how the shock is produced in living creatures, physics point of view here it comes, it’s Bioelectric/bioelectromagnetic.

I wish to show an illustration which is about 250 years old, Luigi Galvani an Italian physicist first demonstrates the twitch or contacts/expand of frog legs. When two metallic arcs are brought near the frog legs they twitch. This is something like “life force”. Like Actuating phenomena in mechanical systems and even similarly modern electrical actuating and robotic systems. Galvani concluded that electricity is generated in the animal and that with this special metal arc this ‘life-force’ can be discharged, which makes the leg twitch.



Illustration of Galvani’s twitching frog leg, when touching it with an arc made of zinc and copper.


 Hope it was the agreeable answer for how really electric current generated in muscles, but let me tell you it’s much more complex in heart muscles than this frog legs twitch.

What is that complex thing?

There are complex things happening in living human heart. It’s nothing but action potential occurs when the membrane potential of an axon location rapidly rises and fall back. This depolarizing causes other locations to work similarly. We cannot go further without saying about the sinoatrial node. These have some sort of cells which produce electric impulse.sinoatrial node and it’s working can be analyzed with modern computational techniques. cardiac graphical representations, thanks to the modern world of engineering, especially Bio-medical engineering are focused and developing largely.

What are these above sentences saying about longevity? 

The heart is going to increase its size slightly with the ageing. Maximal oxygen consumption during exercise declines in men by 10 percent with each decade of adult life and in women by about 7.5 percent. These data are from the data by book written by Dr. HK Bakhru.

How complex things happening but we less consider this personally, people smoke, follow unhealthy things and make this beautiful creation of life to end with disease… and finally deaths. Whatever this technological revolution may come but unless man follows the nature’s rule, survival of fittest. Evolution of intellectual values of human is important but a big neglect may make him fly away from this earth.

But let me come back to the actual topic of longevity, now we come to know that heart requires electric current but anyway they generated and functionally not requires our support, but they require healthy habits to work properly so this system may deploy gradually when aging continues. So, it’s pretty similar to our day to day machines. Improper maintenance may lead to failure of the machine. For longer life maintain your heart with proper exercise. Follow many good habits to increase the health of the heart, we have plenty of articles on fitness read them. I recommend to concern periodic checkups will help, just our machines servicing. Yes, finally I end this article with a small analogy of heart and machine.

Please do follow some things here below to make a healthy heart.

  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Eat well-suited foods.
  3. Do yoga regularly, if possible mediations.
  4. Manage blood pressure, Control cholesterol level, how? sorry, I’m physics geek, ask Dietitian and ask your family doc. Well, just kidding.
  5. Stop smoking, please do it from the heart, for your heart. Also for others heart.

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Meeting Bio-Physicist – William Bialek with some Glimpse of Biophysics – [4th Jan 2016]

Whatever we see in this universe, everything is interconnected with Physical laws, they have Physical existence and physical significance in detail. I was fortunate enough to meet the legendary Bio-Physicist Wiliam Bialek, in the International center for theoretical science. Bangalore. I asked few doubts about Physics and its Interdisciplinary sciences they have worked. especially Biology and physics. Please find his lecture link below. excellent lecture ever heard about bio-physics. thank you ICTS for a wonderful lecture, and also I thank William Bialek an honorary physicist for wonderful session.

Some things about Bio-Physics

How we can Classify Bio-Physics?

Astro-biophysics It’s the of the field of connection between astrophysics and biophysics concerned with the influence of the Astrophysical phenomena upon life on planet Earth or some other planet in general. also, is concerned with the result of astrophysical procedures on life on Earth, as well as effects on likely life in any part of this universe.

Molecular Biophysics interdisciplinary field that applies methods and concepts from physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, and biology to comprehend biomolecular schemes and explain biological function in terms of molecular structure, structural organization, and dynamic behavior at various levels of complexity, from single molecules to supramolecular structures, viruses, and small living systems.

Medical biophysics an interdisciplinary field that applies approaches and concepts from physics to medicine or healthcare, ranging from radiology to microscopy and nanomedicine. See also, medical physics.

Clinical biophysics studies the procedure and effects of non-ionizing physical energies utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

What is its application area?

biomolecular scale
Organismal scale
Environmental scale

Biophysics research has its research areas in Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Nanotechnology

Check it out: Biophysics – Searching for Principles Hardcover – 6 Nov 2012 by William Bialek (Author)


DATES: Monday 04 Jan 2016 – Thursday 07 Jan 2016,

VENUE: ICTS campus, Bangalore

from the level of networks of genes and proteins to the embryonic and neural levels, information at various scales drives biological self-organization.
Living systems process this information to an astonishing degree of accuracy and generate the complex patterns of life. Physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and biologists are collaborating extensively to unravel the role of information in biological processes. This discussion meeting aims to focus on recent advances in the general principles of information processing and self-organization in living systems.

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