The power of highest ecstasy – in understanding Universal love

Once I believed, you’re for me

You will always stay by my side till the sun & moon perish

To protect and care for me till we cherish

Love Ecstasy of each other will continue in heaven’s place if you not stop it (that is if you ask when it ends actually, in reality, heaven exists nowhere than in your place or heart) this is always fine to react to the mystic self-transcendence of love within our boundary line which has many relationships to tie it, but death is alone… we experience death alone. but keep it in mind love is not like death, if you experience the joy of highest form of love-ecstasy other people also experience himself. it is the universal love according to me.

till moon and stars will cherish in morning, more correctly to tell in the day we never see them, then this physical existence and love to this skeleton body which is covered with limited flesh are mysterious. Love to become immortal without disturbing the reality is what life. there is a fine condition called the universal love please try to grab.. and use it for rest of life.

© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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My dear marshmallow Never mind – [ A poem ] By Akshay Kumar

I will see your thoughts as mine

My eyes will at no time fail to pursuit you

When you hide from me,

I am looking into your eyes


When I am beholding into your eyes

The love you show to your pet dog & tame kitten

At least show to me half, oh sorry at least

Unconditional love towards them, why not to me


Aren’t my eyes telling you I will never

leave you alone?

Is that so grim to know? I’m Romeo.

Do I need to tell you all these my dear marshmallow?


Once I believed, you’re for me

You will always stay by my side till the sun & moon perish

To protect and care for me till we cherish

Love Ecstasy of each other will continue in heaven


But never mind when I will never

Turn to your words, never mind you will

Stuck with a hard time of missing me

Never mind for prodigious feeling of loneliness surrounds you

If you mind about it, write back a poem. Hee Hee !!!

© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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Jasmine and she !! [ A Poem ]


Hi Jasmine, tell me Roughly

Who offered color to you

Cologne (fragrance) is somewhat unique

Which is always a feeling of antique and classic love


Never go from my dwelling

You’re a necklace to my sweetheart

Which I prepare from your petals

She adores your aroma, I adore your’s


But keep up that secret from my princess

If I can fall in love with someone other than

My darling, it’s you my jasmine!

Every morning I water you,


I care you, for sun light and even protect you from rat – cat fight

Divine almighty needs your shower

Do you know the reason behind?

Ivory ecstasy, lovely bloom and so on


Then comes, My Princes

But no need to worry my darling, finally Its for you

I prepare flower( Jasmine ) necklace and flower crown to you

So you’re more important than my jasmine

But thank you, Jasmine, you bring smile on her face

O jasmine my lovely jasmine !!!



© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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The Love – Unconditional Form [A Poem]

Every time I see you, it completes my sight
I think I perceive through your senses

Every thought comes in my cognizance
It’s interrelated to you….!

Why you made me guest in this notorious place
I became indefinite to folks who care for me…

Why you are in my feelings only…
Why not in my realism?

Your terribly cute to my retina
Is that only a chemical reaction happening in my heart?

Heart, brain, nervous, reflexes feel your unconditioned love
Tell me more about this comforting fact of loving you

Restful datum of loathing someone who shows hatred on you
what is the reason, this journey started when you smiled at me…

Your smile reveals the science behind this love,
You say take care, I say you need to take care

Love, friendship is that border for us…
We will be together in this eternal universe

Akshay Kumar [12/05/2015]

I think unconditioned love is a most powerful form of love which helps in empowerment and enlightenment of individuals in this modern world. So love unconditionally….

© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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Are you curious ? – [On serene Nature]

Everything around us is nature, which is surrounded by very beautiful environment.Nature is everything that is around us like water, air, land, trees, mountain, River, Sun, moon, sky, sea, forest,Even the Heavenly bodies charisma of light, unknown visitors like comet,Shooting stars.

We can see it every moment but why we not fascinated by it. we will discuss this surely. but not now. Nature is important and integral part of everyone’s life. Beautiful nature is as same as God’s true love. Sunrise in the morning with the new freshness to feed the human, when the tweeting of backyard birds,Hummingbird Rhythmic songs,to tell more scientifically as this blog is meant be.  Dawn chorus of birds occurs when birds sing at the start of a new day. In temperate countries this is most noticeable in spring sound of natural habitat which began the new day.

Sounds of Wind, and apart some distance their a river flows in carrying the FISH,WATER BODIES,SAND,TINY STONES, with zoooo… zoo.. zar.. zar sound ( which might be of soothing to human mind). above will sure forms a sunrise into magnificent act. Many famous poets, writer, painter, and artists  most favorite theme is nature and its curiosity of creation of Music, a BEAUTIFUL painting. POETIC WORDS evolution.

by this man will certainly say ” We have the most beautiful residence on this universe, which is full of colorful and interesting scene, Extreme green and thick canopy of deep jungle is extremely beautiful and attractive.


God / creator ( UNIVERSAL REFERENCE ) made everything look so beauty so that our eyes can never be exhausted, and never bored which is called as CURIOSITY.

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A Love voyage – For those who come with me [ A poem by Akshay Kumar]

I’m a Love sailor! 

I’m a Love sailor! 

I’m like a love sailor in love ship 

Sometimes i meet traveling Partners 

very few come to end without hate and hatred 


All river waters flow to sea 

One next to other waves they move 

But again the waves return to shore  

to bring love partners  

I’m a Love sailor! 


Waves do their work Bringing  

Love birds to love island  

Love is for everyone in love…no discrimination  

Delivery is the goal of the waves. 

I’m a Love sailor! 

They deliver lover to Love island


But we Love sailor ask fee 

That is Following forgiving,truthfulness,despise of selfishness 

who take oath of sharing love!  I’m a Love sailor! 

But why we are owner of hatred 


We hate and follow dishonesty,lies,selfishness  

Life is the river that flows and lives 

Home town is the earth and It’s the biggest love island  

But we made it a grify land… 

I’m a Love sailor! 

Combine unhappy life to joyful life 

The life of a lovely man is the flow of life 

Burn the springs of hatred 

This is how the home of love should  

be a love island should be 

I’m a Love sailor! The sedentary rivers are sinners 

In comparison to the rivers that run … 

Compare some flowing river like our blood 


which carry life in our body and reach heart 

this is like comparing those who chant love mantra 

Love is for lovers of love 

Those who leave the hatred and come into love marine 


Only those  are comparable 

For those who come in love sailor 

For those who come in love sailor !

© Akshay Kumar [2017] All right reserved




© Akshay Kumar [2017] All right reserved

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Feel My love – A eternal connection [ A Poem By Akshay kumar ]

We all meet,here on the Earth
For sometime, we depart so early
sometime too late..
In this Short stay….!

In this short stay we like someone
we madly love someone
we trust,Believe someone
Never think what they are !
Physical appearance is just matter
Inner self is the real thing !

In a give and take policy
we all connect to it !
some time we give Love
Some time we give Sorrow

When One gives love , They get
A friend Like her
Which is Eternally bonded
She will be Alarming Me, she is the perfect bliss

Of Thy her presence , Solemn and Peaceful
She Inspire me, But A a Warm
Ignore will be from her side
I don’t Know why its ?
That’s not a Problem she is never a rivalry

Just make my Song to be
a favorite one
When she say “Hmm … ‘
That’s a best Tune which i ever heard
amidst the dense flow of music ( Surrounding Beautiful music )
I welcome her to my dream

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

The way I See her
She Never understood me
She is the reason for Rain
she is the reason for Rainbow grain (7 Colors)

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Blood is red color !
her Red chin is the reason
Sky is Blue , her Nail Polish
World is finding interesting
to me but I’m not a pet to her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

Love cares us
But we need her grace
oh god , Make her Just Smile
to me , When i see her

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

she is the Morning and evening star
she is the Rings of Saturn
Never say that its so easy to make her blink
to my words, a Silence makes my heart beat more

Just to say FEEL My LOVE

I don’t want her full love
half , quarter yeah that’s enough
i will stay with her memories
but i want just to feel my love

Expecting nothing, In return
Welcoming a hit, as you walk on !!
(My every best things is her wish its more than love what i expect)
Glorify the great Success in me
Artist tunes the Guitar with Tuner , she is tunes me

Just to say FEEL My LOVE
Just to say FEEL My LOVE

– Akshay Kumar [ 17.05.14 ]

©All right Reserved.


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