“YOU ARE IMPORTANT” – A spellbind Story By Aishwarya Balakrishna; A Guest Post #2

This is Very interesting and mind twisting story by my best friend, she had written this; I have to be thankful. This writing is mesmerizing and holds every line in mind, A refresher and Twist at the end.

Young Indian Writer Series – A Guest Post ; #2 

I seem unique in this fraternity. Not because , I have few
certificates of achievements. But for the reason , I could not
enjoy this life as others in the world. The jokes around me
seem lame to me. The interesting gossips around me were
disgusting for me. On the whole , I had forgotten to live my

By then was his entry to my life. To say in an artistic’s
words….. “He the man , filled colors in my life”.
He made me sing loudly without caring the world. He made
me dance on floor. And that was not a usual practice session
for my performing arts competition . That was the joyful
instances of my bored life.

Yes, I concluded that my life is no more boresome. I was
happy to fill my life with him and my books.

I felt the warmth , when he sat beside me…
I felt secure , when he walked behind me…
I felt awesomeness, when he played with me…

Let me glance that late night, when his voice stroke my
ears. The way I ran to just see his handsomeness. But you
handsome , I have to say this… “You’ll just grab the heart of
everyone at very first sight. Not just mine…”

Well , that doesn’t mean he used his external glory for
his existence. His each and every act was heart touching.

After every college eve , I searched for him like Yashodha
searching cute Krishna. Then I think , he would’ve thought
not to worry me a lot. Later, I could see him waiting for my
arrival at my doorstep.

The way he was addressing me over there was mind blowing,
which made me to throw away my bag and grab him with
lots of love. Obviously we didn’t had snack time or a cup of
coffee together. Both of us were neither foodies.

As the days passed , I could notice his dislike towards
food. He do not wanted anything for his belly. Just filled it
with lots of water. It didn’t took much days for me to observe
abscess on his body. Well , the word abscess may make someone
feel disgust. But for me it was not such , but a threat. I
medicated him as if nothing obscene I could see.
I treated him as if no foul odour was sensing my sensible

Then , I could see the other face of our society. The one
who loved the charming before , the one who was awaiting
for his arrival to their mansions started to avoid him.

Yes, the abscess was getting worse , spreading its territory
exponentially within span of minutes. As usual common
anxiety toned , what if the abscess spread to the society. We all
know the power of Virus.

At the end , he was plucked from me physically and was
dropped in a yard long away. And my parents told me…
“You are important for us than your Cat …”

– Aishwarya Balakrishna , Bangalore [March, 31st 2017]

Pic Credit : Aishwarya , Just Added a Quote : If You’re Curious, you’ll probably be a good journalist because we follow our curiosity like cats. – Diane Sawyer

The Pet animals often more Trustworthy and they show true love, which sometimes not given by Humans. My Friend’s View on this point , I.e Equal important given to her Soulful Pet.  A Cat …A dedication to Pet lovers.




“MY VISIT TO COORG” [ A Story by Aishwarya balakrishna ] Guest Post #1

Science is not just to be read as a subject, its more important to make reality, in making fresh and good environment to survive. For the benefit of future generations by using a scientific tools. Physical science as a study emerging as a leading science branch but our inventions need to be neutralized to make clean and carbon free, which is stress and disease free atmosphere. In that context Aishwarya says about her native, which is mostly free from pollution… But here in Bangaluru ,Its is becoming more and more vulnerable towards its natural distractions/pollution. Aishwarya says ” This made her to visit her native in every vacations she gets and enjoy the colorful and great natural habitat. She written this article so beautifully which says fresh nature of coorg. ( which is her native ) please do read , which i’m sharing with you all.

[ Young Writer Series – Guest Post #1 ]

When I landed on that nature’s lap, sun was yet thinking of its rise,dark around and that looks very personal to spend those moments with my parents, not even a single street light is glowing,due to power cut.I managed to put my phone use as torch .Soon rushed a jeep,hopefully that was my sweet brother,who came for a pick up.

The reason of this visit is to meet my lovely granny and as soon as I reached home that was accomplished, spent sweet moments by sharing her my talks.

With all my relatives,I had some more special ones to welcome me, My Blacky and my Minnu.

A day again was completely spent playing with them,enjoying lonely the nature. I can say that my native is perfect place for my lone walk in the world. Nowhere else can give me such a peace of mind.

Here, sitting in IT Hub Bangalore,I dream of that natures call in most of my stressed out days.

According to me, the two methods is the best for stress relief.

One is to maintain silence internal and externally. Meditating in a silence environment, which is impossible here. And the second one,speak out to someone and my brother is one with whom I share almost every instances of my life.

And ultimately my goal is to relieve stress by the above two methods.

I did it successfully. More than that met all my family, feels so happy that I have many to love me. Many take me as aspiration, and that is my inspiration to go ahead.

– Aishwarya Balakrishna, Bangalore [July 16th 2016]